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The concept for a really innovative way to follow athletes and their development in athletics has finally arrived.

TrackField97 is a FREE and privately operated social athletics platform for athletes, athletics fans, coaches and everyone within our international athletics fraternity to enjoy.

No longer do you only have to read about top elite athletes in the world week after week or just be limited to photos and videos or a good blog. TrackField97 will bring you all of the above along with a large directory of athlete profiles and updates from all corners of the globe.

Our vision is to create a large Social Athletics platform where all athletes can gain positive recognition for their contribution to athletics as we share their journey and progression with our online audience changing the very limited exposure to both aspiring and elite athletes.

Each week, we will increase our content and athlete profiles to include athletes, coaches and individuals in sport on all levels (Grassroots, Aspiring, Elite, Master’s and para-athletes) – no one will be left out.

The TrackField97 team will eventually be travelling to various locations within the UK and around the world to bring you coverage of annual domestic and international road racing, cross country and both indoor and outdoor athletics events.

As this concept continues to develop, we would encourage each and everyone around the world with an interest in athletics to give us your full support and get involved in our site. Get listed in our growing directory and become part of our vastly developing community.

TrackField97 Team